The sacred Guruvanam Hill

The sacred Guruvanam Hill is situated about 5 kilometers from the Nithyananda Ashram and is the place where Bhagwan had first arrived when he was 13 years old.

Guruvanam lies about 5 kms north-east of  Nithyananda Ashram in Kanhangad. This place is all hilly and has a  cave concealed at one of the topmost locations of the hill. This area, which is protected by many hills around was then known as ‘Koreyanam’. This whole area was infested with wild animals like tigers and leopards and poisonous snakes and cobras. In this forest lived a tribal community known as ‘Koragas’ which is how the name ‘Koratavana’ came into existence. After  Bhagwan coming to this place, the place began to be known as “Guruvanam”.  Bhagwan used to live in the  cave there (currently next to  BalaNithyananda temple). One of his most ardent disciple, the author of ”  Chidakasha Gita” has mentioned in her songs how she had the first glimpse of  Bhagwan and received his grace from  Bhagwan in Guruvanam.

Bhagwan Nithyananda has said, “Whether a yogi or an emperor, one must have the fortune resulting out of good deeds in the past lives to visit Guruvanam.” Guruvanam is known to be powerful because it was once the abode of many Siddhas who took samadhi there, as revealed by Bhagwan himself. It is known that many Sages are still meditating there in their subtle bodies.

Later,  Swami Janananda planted many fruit trees like mango, jackfruit and cashews with his own hands all around Guruvanam.Places in Guruvanam:

Holy Cave of Bhagwan  BalaNithyananda Temple |  Sacred Papanashini Ganga |  Ashtasiddhi Lingas & Malveeran Temple

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