places in GURUVANAM

The divinity of Guruvanam ~ forest of the Guru

In this forest hill, is this different dimension of divinity, a place of austerity of great enlightened beings, a place that is much throbbing with the divine presence of Bhagwan.

Places of importance in Guruvanam

Bhagwan had indicated that this was not the first time he was here in Guruvanam, meaning he has been frequenting this place from earlier lifetimes too

Holy Cave of Bhagwan

In this cave Bhagwan spent most of his time when he was in Guruvanam

Sacred Papanashini Ganga

The waters that began flowing after Bhagwan struck it from the rocks

BalaNithyananda Temple

This temple is dedicated to the adolescent form of Bhagwan

AshtaLinga & Malveeran Temple

The forest deity temple and the 8 Ashtasiddha linga temple

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