The Divine leelas of Bhagwan Nithyananda

Throughout the 7 decades of his life on earth, Bhagwan’s life and existence itself was a miracle, because everything around would always be influenced in ways beyond the earthly laws. These were termed then as miracles or leelas of Bhagwan, a few of which is listed here.

We, ordinary mortals, have always known and heard of how incarnations have performed mighty feats, that we define as ‘divine play’ or ‘leela’, which is something that’s beyond our limited perceptions. Similar were the leelas of Bhagwan Nithyananda, unbelievable yet happened in the presence of many. His ‘divine leelas’ began right from the time he was found as a child in a forest, guarded by a hooded-snake that was protecting him, until Chathu Amma was destined to be passing that way and picking up the child and bringing him into the earthly plane ( read more). Countless miracles and ‘divine plays’ constantly unfolded around him, much until his Mahasamadhi, and even after He passed beyond the earthly dimensions, by even today continuing his mysterious assistance to those who sincerely seek His grace and help. Fortunately. many of his miracles were recorded by many devotees at different places and unfortunately, many accounts of Bhagwan’s life on earth remained unrecorded and unknown, as Bhagwan never exhibited anything deliberately or for any other purpose than the highest good of the life He touched.

Below are a few of the recorded incidents of his ‘divine leelas’:

The Train’s Mysterious Halt

Once when Bhagwan Nithyananda was on train, the ticket collector made Him get off the train as He had no tickets. when the train was ready for departure, it simply did not move, the engine and everything else was perfect but the train just did not move even after trying for a long time. Then a passenger on the train explained the T.C the grave mistake he has committed by sending off the revered man. Then the TC realised his mistake, went to Bhagawan, and pleaded Him to get on the Train, and the Train started in no time as soon Bhagawan.

Miracles of Healing 

There have been many healing miracles Bhagwan affectionately performed to protect the devotees and sometimes like a cosmic doctor he used to prescribe a combination of some herbs like to those suffered from epilepsy to grind sandalwood and avalduri (a herb), mix it with butter, and apply on the head followed by a cold shower, for brain diseases he suggested drinking coconut water, for many diseases he used to give neem leaves as remedy and such. Below is the account of few healing miracles of Bhagavan,

Curing Leprocy

When Bhoja Santu Shetty’s sister showed the symptoms of Leprocy, he prayed to Bhagwan who was sitting on a tree, immediately Bhagwan plucked few leaves from it and gave it to Santu asking him to boil the leaves in cow’s milk and make her drink. Santu followed Bhagwan’s advice and in a few days, she was completely cured of leprocy.  

Curing abscess of Ramachandra Rao

Ramachandra, son of Bhavanishankar, was in acute pain due to an abscess on his back. When not even the best doctors of Bangalore could address it, Krishnabai advised visiting Bhagavan Nityananda. Bhagavan lifted the boy and told ‘this will boy will become an IAS officer’, the boy soon got well and as prophesied by Bhagavan he cleared IAS and served as Accountant General.

 Curing Epilepsy

In Manjeshwar, a young girl called Parvati was suffering from Epilepsy, no treatment yielded any result. Finally her parents brought her to Bhagwan Nityananda as their last resort, Bhagwan was full of affection, he ordered to get a coconut, immersed His thumb in its water and asked the little girl to have it. Soon after drinking the coconut water, she fell unconscious and regained her consciousness after an hour and was cured of epilepsy forever.

Curing congenial epilepsy of twins

B. Krishnan had two twin-nieces who suffered from congenital epilepsy which no doctor could help. P.V Raveendran (author of Bhagavan Nityananda Charitra) suggested that he take them to Bhagavan. Krishnan went to Bhagavan in Kanhangad Ashram with the twins. Bhagavan made them sit on his lap and fed them with fresh fruits affectionately since then kids never again suffered from epilepsy.

Curing headache with a blow on the head

Haaji from Charavattur often visited Bhagavan at Kanhangad, he suffered from a longstanding headache. Once while the cave work was in progress Bhagavan hit him with a lantern and he bled profusely, but Haaji was completely cured of headache in a brief time. Later he assisted Bhagavan in The cave construction work with Raam-Naam throughout. 

Relieving stomachache through Vada

Maalaval, who worked at a hotel in Kumble was suffering from stomach ache for many years, no doctors and medicine were of any help. Once when Beeranna invited Bhagavan to the hotel, Bhagavan made Maalaval eat the vada forcibly though it worsens the condition of the stomach. But on the contrary, vada came to be his remedy and Maalaval got cured instantly.

Curing Tuberculosis of an old woman

An old-woman suffered from tuberculosis and she was tired of searching Bhagavan Nityananda. One day after milking the cow, she sat under a tree praying for darshan of Bhagavan. The branches of the started swaying and when she looked up to her astonishment it was Bhagavan on the tree. He said ‘I am no doctor, I have no medicine’, but the merciful Bhagavan plucked few leaves and gave her to eat, got off the tree, and drank the cow milk offered by her. He advised her to water Tulasi plant every morning, eat a couple of Tulasi leaves, and drink three handfuls of water chanting Nityanandaya Namah, following the same she with complete faith she was cured of TB.

Reviving the health of a child

A teacher from Kundapur, Bhavanishankar, had a prematurely born child who was fragile and there was no growth of hair and nails, it was believed that the child won’t survive. Bhagavan at that time was in the house of Anant Krishna of Manjeshvar, he went there with utmost devotion and placed the child at His feet. Bhagavan placing the hand on the child’s head blessed him saying ‘Nothing will happen to your child’. And the blessings protected the boy and he grew healthy.

Rejuvenating the life of a two-year-old child

Venkat Rao of Mulki, had a two-year-old nephew who battled between life and death due to chronic diarrhea. When nothing helped they thought of going to Mangalore to Bhagavan, who stayed there then, but to their astonishment, Bhagavan was sitting on the bench outside their house the very next day. Bhagavan massaged the baby affectionately for ten minutes, he passed stinking stools and got completely got cured of diarrhea. 

Protected progeny of a woman in a strange way

When a woman in Ucchila went to cut wood, Bhagavan squeezed her, rest women ran away from there in fear. When people from town came in fury there getting to know this, Bhagavan pacified them and told them of the three children the woman had already lost due to poison milk that was getting formed in breast, he assured it wouldn’t happen thereafter, she will give birth to children who will become devotees. A few in the group also noticed bluish green liquid from the breast of that woman.

Curing mental illness

Resident of Mahe, Lakshmi Kutty suffered from a mental illness where all treatments went in vain. As the last hope, her relative Kanjan Rao brought her to Bhagavan who at that time was carving caves. Bhagavan said ‘you won’t get lunch if you delay further, go, have’, when they came back he said ‘you will miss the train if you delay now. leave immediately’. Disappointed Lakshmi and relatives went back, but miraculously Lakshmi was all fine by the time they reached home.

Mysterious curing of cholera

Raghunath Shenoy came to Ashram to sing Bhajans along with Tabla and Harmonium which he kept in front of Bhagavan and prostrated. Bhagavan immediately threw the tabla and harmonium away to break into pieces and asked if Shenoy was sad about this act, before he could respond Bhagavan collected the broken pieces and set fire to it, collected the ash, tied it in a cloth, and hung it in the corner of the Ashram. Everyone kept watching the strange act of Bhagavan. Within few days Cholera erupted in Kanhangad and the affected were cured with the same ash miraculously. 

Curing Boman’s Heart disease with Tamil Bhajans

A rich Parsi, Boman Baharam had a heart attack and was suggested proper rest. When he visited Bhagavan in 1960 at Ganeshpuri, he was advised to go to Palani and have a darshan of Murugan. He went to Palani with Narayan Iyer, to have darshan of Murugan he had to climb nearly 100 steps and when he had hardly climbed ten steps, he started gasping for breath. Iyer started praying to Bhagavan, from nowhere a dark-complexioned man appeared and started singing Tamil Bhajans on Murugan, they sat there and listen to a few of them, by then Boman felt a lot at ease and gave the man 10 rs pleased with the songs. The man showed them the easy route to reach the temple and have darshan and vanished in no time. After the darshan when they happily returned to Ganeshpuri Bhagavan was singing the same Tamil Bhajan!

Curing Malaria

Upendra Bhat, an ardent devotee, who got married by the grace of Bhagavan and had three children, found it extremely difficult when his children got afflicted with malaria as the earning was not sufficient. When he went to Mumbai to get medicine for his children, a dark-complexioned man came and ran his hands over the three children affectionately, they were completely cured without any medicine. The child who had never seen Nityananda when described the features of the man who had come, Upendra knew it was none other than ever-merciful the Bhagavan.

Healing Paralysis

Prabhakar Shirur who worked with Times of India was afflicted with Paralysis, the motor ability of his hand, and face on one side of the body was impaired. When he was brought to Bhagavan at Ganeshpuri, Bhagavan commanded ‘Worship Dattatreya by offering flower garland to his portrait every Thursday’, with unwavering devotion he followed and was completely cured of paralysis. 

Blue baby had a new lease of life

An year-old child of Shri Prabhu, Raghuveer was afflicted with the blue baby syndrome, which had no treatment. Prabhu’s wife was an ardent devotee of Bhagavan and they came to Ganeshpuri with the child. She kept the baby at His feet and cried inconsolably. Bhagavan immersed the child in the hot water spring and made him eat 5 bananas, Prabhu was annoyed at this and murmured baby would have anyways died at the hospital than coming here. Not paying attention to it, Bhagavan plucked few leaves from a tree and squeezed the juice into the nose of the child. And surprisingly the child woke up and cheered everyone with his smile.  

Nivritti Rao was blessed with Eye-sight

In July 1959, Nivritti Rao Savalaram Ghatage from had come to darshan of Bhagavan at Ganeshpuri accompanied by his friends Ratal Patil and Vaman Khalkar. Ratan told Bhagavan about Nivritti’s blindness, Bhagavan sent everyone out and looked at Nivritti affectionately. Within seconds Nivritti could see Bhagavan and was blessed with a healthy vision.

Bhagavan’s self-treatment for fever

Once Bhagavan had high fever, Shankar called the doctor. When the doctor tried to check the temperature through a thermometer, it kept varying and his body would turn as ice as cold an again red hot as a furnace. The doctor got confused and left saying ‘what is the need of medicine for the one who himself is an elixir for the entire universe’. then Bhagavan asked Seetaram Shenoy to get a big vessel full of cold water and pour it on his head, as soon as Seetaram Shenoy did the same, the fever subsided immediately.  

Curing Jaundice

Once Seetaram Shenoy’s daughter was afflicted with Jaundice and had turned completely yellow, Seetaram rushed to Bhagavan instead of a hospital. he advised anthelmintic medicine (a group of antiparasitic drugs that expel parasitic worms). doctors warned that conditions might worsen if such drugs were given to jaundice patients, but Seetaram Shenoy obeyed Bhagavan and gave medicines advised by Bhagavan. She passed stools with worms and was cured completely. 

Curing a four-year-old’s dysentery

Ratnakar Shenoy’s four-year-old son Kamalakar once suffered from dysentery with blood, Bhagavan suggested him to feed rice soaked in cow urine overnight to his son, Ratnakar followed the same, and the next day the boy was playing joyously.  

Curing ulcers with the blood of crow

When Ratnakar Shenoy was a young boy he suffered from ulcers in the mouth, Bhagavan suggested rubbing the head with the blood of a crow, and Ratnakar was totally cured. 

Extending life of Sitaram Shenoy

Once when Seetaram Shenoy was diagnosed with a heart ailment, chances of his survival were very low, his children were too young at that time and there was no one else to take care of the family if he died. Hence merciful Bhagavan extended his life for a few more years. After some years when Seetaram Shenoy passed away, his wife begged Bhagavan to revive his life. Bhagavan replied ‘Amma, I revived him ten years ago as your children were very young but not now, its not a business deal. I understand your pain but death is certain for everyone who has taken birth. Go back with his body and perform his last rights’.

Curing Malaria

A devotee of Bhagavan, Rao, suffered from Malaria frequently and he visited Bhagavan in the same condition at Ganeshpuri. He blabbered in sleep. Bhagavan went to the kitchen and brought some food items wrapped in a newspaper and forced Rao to eat them. Soon he ate, he slept peacefully and when he woke up, he was cured. Bhagavan then explained the incident that Rao, once had thrown roti and curry prasad given by Babajaan, an Islamic saint and the result of disrespecting the Prasad was the suffering he had. Bhagavan also told him that one shouldn’t doubt the prasad given by saints and sanyasis and shouldn’t discriminate them based on caste, creed, religion, as the divine energy in them is the same.

Walking on the river and Sea

Panvanje river overflew in rainy seasons, once Bhagwan approached a boatman with a few devotees along and asked if he could take them in his boat to the other side of the river, the boatman did not agree as the river was overflowing. Bhagwan immediately started walking on the river like on road leaving everyone awestruck.

Few youngsters who witnessed Bhagavan’s miracles pleaded them to grant Sanyas Deeksha. However, their parents begged Bhagavan not to, as they did not have anybody else apart from them. Bhagavan told them to serve parents with a pure mind, which is as equal to serving God and have unshakeable faith in God. But the determined youngsters did not listen and followed him till Kapu beach but then Bhagavan started walking fast on the sea and disappeared in seconds.

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