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The beautiful bond of the Guru-Disciple relationship

The relationship that was shared between Bhagwan and Janananda Swami was of a very high consciousness. They hardly even were physically together throughout the entire lifetime, but they had they were always united in the realm of divine consciousness. 

Bhagwan’s had great love for Janananda Swami. Bhagwan recommended severe penance to him by instruting him to go to the Himalayas and Nasik. Bhagwan also made Swami Janananda perform an ‘anusthan” pooja at Gangapur, near Nasik, which is the place of Lord Dattatreya.

 Swami Janananda remained at Kanhangad all his life as per the instructions of his Guru, but for the first time when he had arrived to Ganeshpuri, Bhagwan asked devotees to receive him with great pomp and gaiety. Bhagwan, at that time, had just moved to Kailash Nivas. His room in the old Ashram was not allowed for anyone but the rest of the ashram was used by devotees. Swami Janananda was given this room by Bhagwan to stay. It was then that Bhagwan ordered him to take charge of Kanhangad Ashram and complete the work of the caves, which Bhagwan had started. Obeying Bhagwan’s instructions, Swami Janananda moved to Kanhangad and stayed there for the rest of his life, even taking his Mahasmadhi at Kanhangad ashram itself.

Bhagwan would ask his close devotees to visit Kanhangad regularly. During the last days of Bhagwan, he was desirous of visiting Kanhangad Ashram, which demonstrates his immense love for Kanhangad ashram and Swami Janananda. Bhagwan had requested Shri. Laxmansha Khoday to arrange for taking him to Kanhangad, while also asking Shri. Devraya Pai to make necessary arrangements for him to be at Kanhangad. Unfortunately, this could not really happen. On the night of 7th August 1961, just a day before Bhagwan’s Mahasamadhi, he constantly remembered Swami Janananda and repeatedly was asking if he has arrived. Swami Janananda could reach only on 9th, a day after Bhagwan’s Mahasamadhi.

When Swami Janananda visited Ganeshpuri in 1982, he first took bath at the hot water kundas (springs) and visited Bhagwan’s Samadhi. A rare honour was bestowed on Swami Janananda. The first Arathi was performed of Bhagwan’s samadhi which was simultaneously performed on Swami Jananand too! 

Never before or after has this rare honour been given to any disciple of Bhagwan till date. Swami Janananda never came back to Ganeshpuri after this, but remain absorbed in Bhagwan’s grace until his last breath. Very rare is such a relationship of Guru-Disciple, where the disciple bears the physical separation with his Guru for a lifetime, yet remains most close to him.

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