Divine Places in NIthyananda Ashram

The enchanting Nithyananda Ashram of Kanhangad, Kerala

Amidst nature  in God’s own Paradise, Kerala, in a place called Kanhangad stands the sacred ashram of Bhagwan Nithyananda, who lived here a century ago, and established powerful divine energy hubs for seekers of all paths.

Places in Nithyananda Ashram

While you are here, you can visit and meditate at any of these locations

The sacred 43 caves

This is the heart and soul of the ashram, the only reason why the ashram was built around it. The caves were built by Bhagwan himself and even today radiates the divine energies established by him.

Sri Nithyananda Temple

The powerful temple of Bhagwan Nithyananda, in which is installed the panchaloha idol of Bhagwan seated in the Abhaya mudra, blessing devotees who come here in deep love, faith & reverence

Swami Janananda Samadhi Temple

This is the temple of Swami Janananda, whose samadhi is in it. Regular poojas are offered daily immediately after the pooja offering at Bhagwan’s temple. Swami Janananda continues blessings all his devotees and the children of Bhagwan

Room of Swami Janananda

The person room of Swami Janananda, in which he had lived and left his body is well kept, with all his personal belongings and things of fond remembrance are preserved here for the devotees 

Round Table of Bhagwan

The round table at Kushal Nagar, just a kilometer away from the ashram, where once Bhagwan sat with devotees and mentioned the live happenings around the world, which were reported in the next day newspaper 


A gaushala was later built in the same spot where earlier was the traditional kitchen, where Bhagwan Nithyananda prepared meals for the children and had preserved this space for feeding children (Balabhojan)

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