The room of Janananda Swami

The room in which Janananda Swami lived has been preserved with all the articles of his personal use, for his fond remembrance

These photographs are from the spaces of Swami Janananda’s living spaces and Samadhi temple.

The stone chair in front of the 43 caves

A photo on the bed of Swami Janananda

View of entrance to 43 caves and room and samadhi of Swami Janananda 

The entrance door of the room of Swami Janananda

A view of the personal room of Swami Janananda

The bed of Swami Janananda

The chair of Swami Janananda

An inner enclosure within the room

The personal utilities used by Swami Janananda

A photo of Swami Janananda’s samadhi

The idol that adorned the BalaNithyananda Temple in Guruvan is now kept in this room

Left: A life size painting of Swami Janananda

Right: A painting of Bhagwan 

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