The Teachings of Swami Janananda 

Known to the epitome in Guru bhakti and perseverance, here are few of the precious noted teachings of the great one.

On Self Realisation

The principal aim of Human birth is God realisation. God is all pervasive, eternal and perfect and only few know him directly. He permeates the inner and outer being of all creatures, great or small. He is the inner Witness of all and dwells in the temples of all hearts as the inner most Self. Our life span is short, full of agonies and conflicts of worldly existence, full of stress and strain and the body is perishable. The attainment of God of Self realisation is the one and only means of deliverance from its firm clutches.

The true nature of “Satya Narayan Tatva” should be grasped intelligently. The Absolute truth of Lord Narayan lies deep seated in the heart of Man. Real worship is not external pooja performed with pomp and great show, but internal. A pure mind and heart are the most important things, devoid of external forms of ceremonial worship.

Mere lip chanting of His name without knowing the magnificent hidden truth of the conscious Supreme Bliss, is of no importance. The Self within You is the Supreme Lord. That Supreme Truth and Power always lies illuminated in its Infinite glory in your own heart.

Set your mind thinking on the real greatness and worth of the Self, for real greatness lies in studying its magnanimity, embodied by the pure indestructible soul – the Atma. Meditate deeply to acquire the latent treasure of the Supreme Bliss instead of merely chanting His name superficially.

Just as one seed reproduces another identical one, what is born from the Supreme should bear His perfect identity. The Soul or the Atma comes from the Divine Lord, complete as its Creator, always maintaining His perfection. The Universe is a true image of this Supreme Reality. Whatever sweetness and divine joy we experience, belong to His Infinite nature. The savour of food, the sweetness of water, the melodies of the Sacred Hymns, the tender smile of the blooming buds and the joyous squeals of laughter of innocent children are all images of the Divine Bliss. Dive deep into your heart and realise your self, mingling with the spark of radiance of the Almighty who is the cherished goal of man.

On Meditation

When the divine spark of Self Realisation is evoked, the inner latent Shakti is released and the magnificent radiance sparkles in meditation. Divine melodious strains will compel you to your inner self to dance in ecstasy, vibrating your world with rapturous joy and celestial sweetness.

Man strives to fill his stomach, the incarnation of Agni, the God of Fire, but that is not the ultimate goal of his. To uplift himself from the strong bondage of worldly carnal pleasures, he should utilise his time in meditation, silently singing His praise and pleasing Him by doing his bounden duty in perfect harmony, with a spirit of conscientious zeal, for his Liberation while in the living state. Meditation alone will bring inner peace and tranquility to the disturbed mind and bring salvation.

Meditation is your best friend, most reliable guide, the celestial tress which will grant all your cherished desires to unite with the Supreme Lord.

Though initially the devotee starts to seek God as something different and external to him, in meditation, but soon he realises that He is the Inner-most Self in which every thing, including his finite Self melts and gets united in perfect harmony.

Meditation is the persistent endeavour to dwell in the Supreme and manifest the Divinity in the day-to-day life. It is a progressive attempt to bridge the gulf between Man and God, leading to Self Realisation. It is the process of lifting up our empirical ego to the transcendental plane. The process by which it is done is called Sadhana.

Meditation is pooling up all our resources and energies, in focussing them on the Supreme Goal. You will quiver with ecstasies of Joy and Love and achieve awareness of His Omnipresence.

Meditation is your best friend, most reliable guide, the celestial tree that will fulfil your wishes of Spiritual enlightenment. It is a magnet that draws the devotional powers of the Supreme bliss. As the mind is transmuted into pure consciousness, You will realise the ONE whose nature is eternal joy.

On Devotion (Bhakti) and Worship

Devotion is the constant striving for the attainment of One’s Self identity with the Infinite Self.

An empty vessel like the vacant mind makes the most noise. Fill it up with the contents of Devotion, sacrifice, selfless love, and then realise that even if your hit hard on it, the sound does not resonate with emptiness, Inculcate your mind with pure thoughts and sing in the praise of the Lord the Almighty, sincerely adhering to your bounden duty with the spirit of enthusiasm and perseverance.

Worship is a means of pouring forth of our spontaneous love to the Supreme, depicting our reverence and aspiration, to reach Him in conscious communion and our longing to be united with Him, in divine everlasting salvation. The devotee may offer his worship sincerely with a firm bent of mind and draw himself nearer to Him, by singing His glories within the portals of his heart, meditating on His powers, wisdom and benign grace, by constant remembrance with a conscientious zeal, offering his services to Him, by performing his bounden duty with the sanctity of perfection. In due course of time, the relation between the Worshipper and the Worshipped, becomes so intimate and magnanimous, that conscious communion starts between the two.

When the reassuring presence of Lord Shiva the Omniscient, is needed most by the Devotee, he hastens to meet Him. On complete surrender to Him, he becomes the focal point of His constant care, never ending affection and Divine grace. Then the entire responsibility for his welfare is assumed by the Lord Himself till he attains salvation in Him.

Life is best lived when Man and God unite after the acquisition of Spiritual Wisdom; Man the most wonderful creation of the Omnipotent, becomes a liberated soul even while he breathes in the living state. He gets detached form the firm grip of this materialistic world and is free from fear, anger and desire, uninfluenced by praise or blame, undisturbed by the tumultuous mental moods and doubts, he remains in peace and blessedness, in perfect control of his senses, with steady wisdom in a tranquil state of mind, free from attachment, attraction and aversion. Thus he becomes pure, ego-less and attains Eternal Bliss.

On the Guru

1. Every one yearns for the grace of a Sadguru who is illumined with the Divine Knowledge of Spiritual Realisation, to attain his sacred love, whole hearted grace, benevolence and blessings. Just as Life itself is

impossible without the breath, there can be no attainment of true knowledge, development of the Inner Power and destruction of the ignorance and utter darkness of the mind, until the Sadguru graciously extends his benign grace and sincere blessing on the true devotee, after he has moulded himself, to face him with all trials and

tribulations, understand his teachings, inculcate his principles, accept his gratification, and offer his whole-hearted reverence and cooperation to kindle the spark of Divinity in him towards God Realisation.

The Sadguru is an embodiment of Spiritual enlightenment, he is beyond comparison and is the genuine well-wisher of his devotees releasing them from the bondage of ignorance, anxiety, egocentricity and his glory lies in securing spiritual aspiration and eternal grace without imposing severe austerities. He fills their homes with eternal peace and celestial joy.

Carry out the Guru’s command fully, imbibe in his teachings and traverse in the spiritual path paved by him with reverence, love and respect for the Inner Self that is vested in God’s creations, and make this worldly life worthy of Salvation.

General Teachings

There is nothing like Happiness or Sorrow, but thinking makes it so. If you penetrate deeply into this aspect you will soon realise that there is happiness in sorrow and sorrow in extreme happiness. It is this phenomena that sets Man’s mind thinking about his Creator and Seek salvation.

There is no blemish in earning wealth and riches through the righteous path, but the greatness lies in utilising it for the welfare of the Humanity and the needy which constitutes the real worship of God.

There are so many names and forms of One God, fancied by the spiritual imagination of mankind, but submit yourself to the REAL ONE, your Inner SELF who, is His embodiment vested in you.

God is the Atma, the Self, the Immortal, the Inner Ruler, the Unchanging Witness, dwelling in al objects and creatures. He pervades everywhere and in everything. The spark of divinity burns in everybody’s heart with a gem-like glow.

All men equally share the Divine Grace and all pervading glories of God, without distinction between a Muslim, Hindu, Christian or that of any other religion. The seed sown by a Muslim germinates identically as that sown by a man of any other religion. The sunlight that enters the house of a Christian is uniformly distributed in every other house belonging to the followers of any other religion. Difference in the name of One God are man-imposed and unreal, coined to snit his own whims and fancies. The whole creation is nothing but the Supreme Self SAT-CHID-ANANDA. All of us are the progeny of Immortality.

There is one Infinite, Eternal, Changeless, Existence, the “ALL” from which everything has come out by which everything is sustained and to which everything returns.

teachings of

The precious words f highest truths uttered by Bhagwan Nithyananda in elevated states of consciousness, which was noted by his devotee Tulsi Amma

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