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About Nithyananda Ashram

All his life, he moved across the globe in just a loincloth, absorbed in Eternal Bliss, undisturbed by even the elements of nature

Situated in the lush green space within the old Fort, a place where Baba had a divine mission. He began digging here which later became the 43 sacred caves, around which the ashram sprung up. 

Bhagwan had come here in his adolescence days, helping the tribals in many ways, especially striking his hands on the rocks to spring out waters named as Papanashini flowing eternally,

Before Bhagwan left Kanhangad, he gave the complete responsibility of the ashram to someone he referred to as Lord Dattatreya himself.

Being one of the foremost disciple to have been given this mega-responsibility by his Guru, he steadfastly followed Guru’s instructions until his last breath.

Though he never practically taught or preached anything, a few of his sayings have been recorded by few devotees who were with him those days.

Bhagwan had blessed and initiated him as a child itself, before he even knew that he would be destined to bestowed this divine responsibility

His room has been preserved with bedding, chair, clothes and other personal utilities like asana, torch, utensils & other personal belongings

You can send your donations directly to the Ashram. You can now also sponsor for any particular Seva or sponsor for any auspicious events conducted at the Ashram.

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